To win a woman’s 1-year free of charge?

70011ac5422e70c7ae1cc143f0ac416c - To win a woman's 1-year free of charge?

It’s almost the end of the exciting zaterdagavondquiz for 1 year, free of charge. In this new edition of the legendary quiz, and received the host, Thomas Vanderveken at the start of the 16 enthusiastic candidates. In each episode, and there was someone to be sent home, until only one candidate remains. There are 4 candidates and now a chance at the grand prize: the nettojaarloon of the highest-earning member. The 21-year-old, Maty from, to Ghent, 21-year-old, I am from belgium (Gits), the 60-year-old Marianne is from the Midlands, and the 26-year-old Sara from the Space they play in the final. For the participants, it is the knowledge of human nature is at least as important as the quizkennis, because they have to make their other candidates can be evaluated.

Throughout the final episode, attack of the candidates, one by one, until they are in the super finals, still have two to play against each other. One of them is dragging the big prize? And how much does that cost exactly? That is what we will discover in the thrilling final on Saturday, the 28th of march.

1-year toll-free: on Saturday, 28 march at 20: 45 on One.