The VTM change programme

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Who are the Heroes of the country, keep running while it is affected by the corona, a pandemic? With the Heroes of the Here: Points will VTM the NEWS as a tribute to the care sector and show how the coronacrisis it is like through the eyes of social workers and health care providers. The filming of the series began on the outbreak of the severe measures taken on the 12th of march have been announced by the government. The heroes now found themselves in the last few weeks, in hospitals, nursing homes and at the police station. Also, virologist is in order, Marc Van Ranst, was followed both in the professional environment, as well as at home. Some of the less obvious people like the undertakers come to the fore. The unique series is starting tomorrow, Monday the 23rd of march, in order to 20u35 to be seen in the VTM.

He is a Lataire, editor-in-chief to a.ii. VTM NEWS: “It’s supposed to be the heroes of the key to which the country is now in working order. We want Flanders to show you what’s going on in our hospitals and in the difficult circumstances in which they have to work with. It’s so important to get those images to show up, because, hopefully, the awareness to be able to create, and more people are going to get to the action on the track. During the filming, we, in fact, the biggest safety and safeguards, so that we really have no one in the market. All the recordings are done, of course, in close consultation with the relevant authorities.”

Bodycams and automated systems.
The series is made by production house Geronimo, and the creators of Heroes of in Here. The company has a five-year docureeksen the fire department, police department, and the medical discipline in VTM. It is shot in difficult conditions due to the measures taken, however, it is always a good way to be filmed in close co-operation with law enforcement agencies and the industry.