The former ” The Voice Kids-the candidates for groepssong!

The former " The Voice Kids-the candidates for groepssong!

While on tv, The Voice Kids, every Friday, the huge amount of viewers provokes, some of the participants to join forces and vote together. 5 of the participants from the previous editions, along with Dan this year, that next Friday will be knocked out of play, joined forces and took on a groepssong on it. In the time of the Corona is not a very obvious thing.

Not easy to be in the times of the solar Corona is a groepssong to take for the young and the old got board with it, KEEP it IN YOUR ROOM. And every musician wants to act, sing, and write songs and music and share them with others. 5) ex-participants of the previous editions, forms, with, Dan, is one of the outstanding candidates in this year’s gelegenheidsgroep, and have opted for the catchy song, more a Single, the song was originally from the Epe, which is itself the last edition of The Voice Kids semi-finals also played. She sang to each of their one particle in the home, and to go out of their way to let you know that we are not alone.