Showbiz’s Top 20 albums) – Sunday 22nd of march 2020

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On Sunday we will send you the list of the best-selling cd’s by the world of Showbiz Site, and Entertaintment Today was purchased. As most of you know, we are working closely with the together, and thanks to them, we will publish on Sunday a list of the top 20 albums of you over the past two weeks, it’s most commonly ordered from the world of Showbiz-Site as well as in Entertainment Today.

1. #LikeMe Season 2
2. The 15 years old pop music festival
3. John Destadsbader – Above the clouds
4. MNM Back To the 90S & 00S – 100 Hits –
5. Feasts With The Beasts Of 2020
6. I Love The 90’s – The 2020 Party Edition
7. Clouseau – Fork In The Road
8. Laura-Lynn – Country-2
9. Mnm Big Hits 2020.1
10. The Best Part Levensliedjes
11. Q3 Highlights
12. Songs From The Past
13. The 30-Year Samson and Gert
14. Teen’s Musical Knock Out
15. Serious Beats 94
16. For 35 Years, And The Reckoning