Nicole and Hugo, have been hit hard by coronacrisis

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Hugo Sigal revealed what he and Nicole, who have been hit hard by the corona virus. Nicoles mother is 99 and is in a nursing home. Nicole & Hugo are not allowed to visit with ‘our mother’. “Terrible, because we went to three times a day. I took the medication for our grandma, but that’s it in a different way. The menske to understand at first, what the hell was going on, but now based them,” says Hugh, who are happy that they have three times a day to be able to make a call.
Also, on a more professional level, there is Hugo hit. The #LikeMe concert in the Lotto Arena, have now been partially deferred. Health is the priority, however, according to Hugo, who realizes that money and he is in the at-risk group sit down. “Have money and I’d like in, sounds like it’s firmly in the Hugo Sigal. But don Hugo, along with the thousands and thousands of disappointed kids out there, so hard to look forward to as their heroes, #LikeMe, in the easter holidays at work.