Happy singles-in-First-Dates

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The first is a Flemish-First-dates-opening One. Each and every week to learn the viewers to a diverse group of singles to know, and to search for true love. The nerves and jitters that come with a first date, are very, very familiar.
It is assisted by the permanent restaurantstaf learn how to help each other out during a romantic dinner get to know them and get them in their heart of hearts see it, in the hope that the spark is skipping. After their First date, decide whether to help or they want to meet for a second date. Shoot the Horse touch it… or he misses his target?

Patrick, aged 54, in Antwerp, belgium, Monday, march 23)
He is 54 years old and originally from Antwerp, belgium. When walking into the restaurant, I’ll be giving him lots of compliments from the waitress Leena, because he looks so radiant. Patrick has been working for over 30 years, and for Sensoa on the topic of ‘Hiv’. That is close to his heart; and he is himself hiv-positive in 1985. He testified that before already on the Canvas-a program For the men of the Xavier Taveirne.

Shauni (23) Kruibeke (Monday 23rd march)
The 23-year-old Shauni from Kruibeke is not the cat without a glove on, and that may be literally understood; Shauni likes of thai boxing in their spare time. She describes herself as a girly-girl who is taken care of for the day would come, and they will think that they are not as easy to look. Shauni was a child, of the mischief, and it has quite a bit of pizzazz is needed in her life. Her ideal date is a machotype, and a smooth talker, like Toby Alderweireld. To Date It is, just like Toby Alderweireld, a football player, so we know that some of the necessary spark.