Eliminator, The Mole, went to the monastery, in the

Eliminator, The Mole, went to the monastery, in the

After the departure of Gilles and Bruno, there were 7 candidates, and one is the mole in ‘The Mole’. Bad luck for a teacher of Els, it was Sunday evening, a red screen, and it had to be The ‘Mole’ with a heavy heart to leave. A drawback of the format, a lot of viewers were thinking for a while that a teacher of Els, the saboteur into the game. Not to do so. The candidates are allowed during this final episode, again, for 10,000 euros, and the groepspot have grown from about 2300 to 6.800 euro.

Sunday night gave in to fall, Els, an interview, and how she is when she is not at the top of the poll, was mentioned as a possible mole?
Els: “it was a really cool feeling to it. Nice to have people believe them. Also, in the vicinity of my thought that there are people that I’m the mole was. They thought it was so amazing that I had signed up and was selected, that really is the mole, there are sure to be able to. “

Did you have the sense that, as the viewer, you’re suspicious of me?
Els: “I was maybe a little quieter, a candidate in the beginning, and this is probably more suspicious than someone who has a lot on the front,. However, at certain times, just about anybody being suspicious. Whatever happens, it will be a serious consideration. I was in the first test in Browser as the only one with my blindfold still on his back, and that is that, in the form of a letter; in fact, it made for quite a bit of speculation.”

Do you find yourself, sometimes express, suspected to be made?
Els: “A number of tests to fail, but it wasn’t on purpose. Maybe I’m just the most awkward teacher in Flanders? So, and with purpose – in the hundreds-of-run, there would be something about it. I think that I rather suspected was due to just a lot quieter than the rest of us.”

Have you really killed?
Alder: “it is Not really active in, or aware of it. I thought it wasn’t so much that Dorien and I’m in the game, what is there in the library, but because of the order in the forest was slow, it didn’t actually matter.”

Where is the error gone? What did you have the tie back?
Els: after the second elimination I did have one person put in. Apparently it’s not the right person for you.”

Did you get your red screen to see it coming?
Els : “My red screen I didn’t expect it to. I’ve had a red screen, is expected to be the second elimination, since I already have everything except for one person who wanted to go. I know that this is very, very risky. After that, I thought, of course, is that I am the right person was not on it!”

Why do you regret it? What else are you going to do?
Els: “I’m sorry I don’t have the tactic to be followed, I have, I was planning to follow before I left. From my very first contact with the mole (when I first heard that I was selected as a candidate), the mole, something told me that I was thinking, I just need to find out who needs such a thing against me, and would tell me the same look. When I was once in Greece, I was not there, a lot more thought. I was too busy trying to observe what was happening during the games.”

How emotional was it to be the third to fall?
Els: “I suppose it needs a little bit of clarification. The first time you come to the realization that it was not really, in my opinion. The emotions that came up for me, but as far as the disappointment that it would not be possible, and the regret for so many to miss out on the game, but there is also a feeling of gratitude for what I have seen. I found it to be quite a lot of Gilles and Bruno, who earlier in the game had to be abandoned.
I was disappointed, and I had the feeling that I have failed in my mission. The transition was not very great. First, do you live together day and night, everything is done for you regularly. I found it to be too crazy to think that I’m never tired, I have felt that you live on a different rhythm. And then you’ll find yourself all alone, with two weeks in quarantine, and at that time it was not as widespread as the past couple of weeks.”

When you looked past all of it to The Mole? Had you been a long time fan?
Els: “I’ve been a fan since the very first day. I’ve never have a season of lost. On tv, I really do, but the mole, I don’t want to miss it. I never registered because I never have it in the fall. In the education sector a whole lot of vacation, but they should not be self-scheduling. When I came last year in the teachers room left to fall, which I unfortunately found out that we, as teachers, are not able to join in on the mole, came the reply from the director: “ all of us who are here can join in, if you have 3 weeks of unpaid leave of absence records”. I thought to myself, ok, I don’t have, so I do not have to wait until I retire! So, I find myself in.”