Corona in the House?” You don’t notice

Corona in the House?" You don't notice

Why is a pillow, Véronique, and His? Why is the cafe, the Jan & Alleman the open? Why is it that the bike shop from Stephanie and Patrick’s is still open? The questions these different audiences, the Family is set up.
The reason for this is, however, simple: the Family has been, and remains, a fiction series, as well as there is nothing in the series really is. In addition, dating back to the pictures though, almost two months ago, when I was in Belgium, the corona, is still not the case. Therefore, there is not a single reason for you to worry about any of the actors in the Family. Who are stuck at home the last of last week and came to a standstill. At the earliest, on Monday, the 6th of april, the recording will resume if it is not yet certain;