A party by Laura Lynn and is in the water

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On the last day, 15 years ago, the career of Laura-Lynn’s from the start. The party? Well, yes and no. It will be a birthday party, with her daughter Eliana and mommy Kristine to be. However, it was originally intended to make a party with the fans to celebrate. Was there today for a birthday party with fans on it, for the sake of the feline corona virus may be that however, does not go on. But this is a postponement, not a setting. By the way, Laura does have a reason to celebrate!

Leave the champagne, but in pop: “Country 2”, the latest album from Laura, Lynn, came in last week at 11 in the Ultratop 50 Albums. 15 Years after the date of the score to Laura, and Lynn are still in the charts, how many artists are doing to her is that it?