The couples will be ready for the next step?

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Over the past week, followed by more than 1 million fans, and the ups and downs of love, from Laura Now, and she, Lothar, Join, Jonah, Christopher, and Nick, it’s good for a market share of 33,7% (VVA 18-54). On Sunday, march 22, at 19.55, is Blind, is Married, or is already on its sixth episode, in the reality of the couplers less than six, but less than a week and a half have been married. They are enjoying their last day in Kenya, Bali, Thailand, and Mexico, and then back again to Belgium in the next stage, for them there: living together, in their shared apartment.

When Tati, and Lothar, in Thailand, on the boat, more than just a storm: a bad sign? The pair makes up the balance of a difficult weekend. Before Visiting their apartments are allowed to explore, have them make an appointment with a relationship therapist, Sarah, Hertens to see, what to do.

Now they’re back, and Laura on their honeymoon with a visit to the temple, where they will have their marriage blessed in a traditional Balinese way. Not that I necessarily believe that, but maybe it is just that the shot in the arm that we need,” said Sonny. At At to grow from, however, he is soon next to each other.