Infected Gabbiadini: ‘a day’s wait, I hadn’t even tested it’

c8cb9048b0a3e243fe84d0debff622fd - Infected Gabbiadini: 'a day's wait, I hadn't even tested it'

Infected Gabbiadini: ‘a day’s wait, I hadn’t even tested it’

21 march, 2020 18:59
21-03-20 at 18:59
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Manolo Gabbiadini has on Saturday revealed that there is a high chance that he will not be re-tested on the corona virus. The attacker of Sampdoria last week was the second in the Series, the A to who, the virus was not detected.

“If the doctor had told me to say that I have a day to wait, then I should have the test done because I was feeling good,” says Gabbiadini to La Gazzetta dello Sport. “Maybe it was me or the market is gone, and I would have risked that, I’m an older person, it would spread and I would be able to tell. It was that thought that is troubling me.”

Sampdoria was the last week, seven of the infected players have been hit hard by the corona virus. The 28-year-old Gabbiadini was one of them, and it makes it well. In fact, it’s hardly any trouble.