One on one last man standing, brings to Sean Dhondt tears in my eyes

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– The second Knockouts on The Voice Kids last week, 1 million views was good for a 37% share of the market (VVA 18-54, with a live+delayed) – the promise Friday, march 20, and again a rollercoaster of emotions for the coaches, Laura Tesoro, Gers Pardoel, Q3, and Sean Dhondt. That last one has a strong last man standing, that he would be there for the tears in your eyes, and a heart-breaking choice is to…

Sean used to turn on Friday, highlights Gala (14th, strombeek-bever), Tiana (12, Kluisbergen) and Tara (Everberg) at each other, perhaps for the emotional knockout of the night. “Women who are each in their own way, a lot of courage, so I’m expecting a lot of this is last man standing.” The coach will submit its candidates to some of the less recent songs, and plug that into a personal style. The Gala brings together the jazz Misty by Ella Fitzgerald, Tara, is being challenged by The Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding, and Tiana is singing one of her favorite songs, Memories by Maroon 5. The penalty, last man standing, moving Sean to tears, and set him up for a mind-blowing selection…

The Team of Laura may, and the show’s Friday opening. Her first, last man standing, put Laura on the 3 cast-iron popstemmen up: Nabil (13) Of Antwerp, belgium), Aurelie (11 years, Bar), and Sanna (14, The Orphanage). “It has been proven that all three of them hard at doing their own thing with a song, and I want to focus on”, what it sounds like. Nabil likes of a pop queen, and was very happy with the Fighter, by Christina Aguilera. Aurelie is allowed to steal the show with ” Break Up With Your Girlfriend Ariana Grande. Sanna is going to be firmly in the height with the ‘ Waiting All Night Ella Eyre & Rudimenta.

His second, last man standing, chooses to Sean Dhondt for the Belgian side. The youngest of the team and the Actors (9 Of Wuustwezel, belgium) will take Over from Mum’s Jacket is available in a version for #LikeMe. They will also receive a surprise gift of that size, when he Let himself live in the studio in order for her performance to follow. Jump-in-’t-field, J (14, Vosselaar) shows a more sensitive side of themselves with a lot of Hard Times by The Scabs. The bilingual Mark Was 13, Mortsel, belgium) has created a song with a message of Balance, Tonnes, and an individuality of Angeles. “This is a knockout, it is a mishmash,” says Sean. “They are all so different, they just suit together. The general public is something strafs to see it for myself.”