Luk Alloo please visit the extremes

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As soon as the night is falling you have to get Luk Alloo inside, where the lights are on in Alloo in de Night and in the VTM. Luke wants to underline the fact that the recordings are of Alloo in de Nacht date back to before the Coronacrisis broke out again: “as if people were giving each other a cuddle and kiss each other. Something that we all have since the crisis of ten times it will do it.” On Thursday, visit Now to to 21: 30 the priest and Wim, that is, after midnight, still working. “I’m willing to schools. � e and write sermons. Sleep has been a bit of a waste of time. God approves as well,” said the priest. The Wim is up to the vows of celibacy, to be bound and to sleep alone.

The 59-year-old Johan, with a single, But, it does not always work. Johan is looking for erotic fun in the Red Light District. “I was open,” says Johan. “I’ve been wondering, and have a good time with a public woman. You have your right not to be ashamed of? I was 18 when I got it for the first time with a sex worker was visited. I love the excitement, and colorful. I’m actually in a committed relationship with an audience, a girl, a year or two. Like in the movie ” Pretty Woman.”