Loes Van den Heuvel, wrote a last letter to My sjouke’

Loes Van den Heuvel, wrote a last letter to My sjouke'

Say goodbye to Johnny Voners the cast of clash of The Champions hard. However, there is not a single person on the cast who is not a tear is left with the sad news that Johnny Voners on Tuesday has passed away. The cast is excited to get you to respond, for She Of the Hill, it is difficult at times. The actress is choosing not to give interviews, that is, it is just too hard. Instead, she wrote a letter to her, sjouke”, and which are published in their entirety.

“The sun is shining!”
In the corona, and destroys mankind.
Now, everything is connected to everything else.
The world forces us to stop.
To get ourselves back to the fall.
To adapt to change.
To be a threat or an opportunity.
My sjouke, there is, among gemuisd.
On my buddhist calender it is written
on the 17th of march: “Silence sometimes says more than a discussion.
It Is quite in the style of Johnny and me.
In the comments to the questions of the media is
mine is heavy and unnecessary.
Our relationship is a strong one.
I have to-night in spite of the news, it’s the best sleep since a long time.
I do not have to physically say goodbye, but I think it’s called
that he was to-night a double-take and was dropped.
He was so strong in my dream and it felt really good.
Therefore, I wanted to prefer to stay in rather than call to talk to.
Do you want to be a short guide to the eternal light.
“Behind the clouds the sun is always,” as he always used to say.
I have a photo that is over 20 years old (or more) on my wall hangs a while
dusted off my altar and put it together with the light of a single candle.
Along with the ” when I was a witness, in case of his / her relationship with On.
A great honour for me to be in turn, were
It is giving due to his tv wife, his real wife.
And yet, we did not have to polyamorie.
It is a good symbol of the transmission of pure unconditional love.
I call us the Holy Trinity, which for many generations
it will continue to exist.
The Kampioenentijdperk know the end of it.
But mine is a Champion and will always remain the same.
Of all the men I ever knew, and in my search have been made
it is Johnny, the best, the most complete, the most important thing.
“Tu es formidable!” – and the sun continues to shine.
Annemieke, I am here for you.