Frank Molnar, in this moment in Las Vegas

be721a0fb3e039a71d013a033343345b - Frank Molnar, in this moment in Las Vegas

In the first weeks of may, we will be in Belgium in less than yet out, Frank Molnar escapes in far-off Las Vegas is not on. “In the next 30 days, we will be in Las Vegas, Las Vegas, partially locked, and may only the most essential, such as grocery shopping or to the doctor’s office. All the rest of it is in the moment,” writes Frank Molnar is on Facebook. As the host you get a lot of messages and questions about how here and now to deal with them. “Easy, Don’t freak out, and it certainly is not broke. And please, no fake news to share, or any of the pages. Oh, come on”, he will give his fans a tip.

Frank is sitting on the other side of the pond, but he is not on the surface of the earth is gone. Each and every day, again and again, he has to contact his / her parents in Belgium. “That’s something my So and Facetime, continue to communicate with me non-stop with your buddies and some of my best friends. With a lot of humor in the first place!!! As you can see, once again, that friends and family are still the only truly important thing in life,” smiles Frank.