Anyone who sticks his neck out for justice?

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On Tuesday, march 24, to open The public prosecutor’s office – aka the Public Prosecutor’s office, for the first time in its history that the doors to have a look, to give in to his behavior. The shoplifter, who on the roster will be made by the public prosecutor’s office magistrate, the public prosecutor’s office, which is located precisely for a assisenzaak at one time or another, to the magistrate on the ground in a murder case: one year followed by the camera crew, all the activities and behind-the-scenes of the 80 judges, and there are 200 employees spread across three branches in Ghent, Oudenaarde and Dendermonde. FOUR-rope in this documentary series, The Nieuwshuis the seemingly endless tangle of behind-the-scenes of the Public Prosecutor’s office, because, as a guardian of society, has a great responsibility.

The youth and family, day-to-day street crime, homicide cases, economic and financial fraud, slachtofferonthaal, everything passes through here every single day and every single night of the performance. It is the public prosecutor’s office in the name of the whole society, to decide what to do with the offender for that to happen. The parketmagistraten to investigate the crime and determine the punishment. The judges take it from there … or not.

Part 1
New jersey | The impunity of perpetrators of jeugdcriminelen: 6000 records, and only 200 places
The public prosecutor’s office of East-Flanders in new jersey’s 27 active judges. The division of Youth and Family receives a substitute for Him Herwege to onverbeterbare jeugdcriminelen, but there is one big problem that all Nations pass every year, 6,000 to jeugddossiers, and in all settings in Flanders, as there is only room for a grand total of 200 young people. Due to the continued lack of space in the youth detention to avoid a lot of the young people and their punishment. “In prison, there is almost always a place, but you sometimes have to let it go, and walk them again in the street,” says Lien. “That is why it is important to be as fast as possible to the juvenile court judge to inform you that he is a minor, can sign. The juvenile court judge in new jersey must often co-jeugdrechters other areas, call to ask whether or not there is no place to be in. To the victims, to get it does not mean that a perpetrator can simply walk down the street, for example, in a case of force and violence.”

“The enkelbandcentrale, it is very often left unattended.”

Also, the ankle strap which prisoners are locked in their own home, and that’s due to lack of space in prisons have to fix it, turns out today is not work the best. “Very often, it is the central one, where the lights come on when there is someone to violate one of the rules, and in the evening do not have access to internet. The biggest problem is the amount of time it is going to be between the punishment and the complete installation of the system. That is, it takes a few months … ” according to public Prosecutor’s office of the public prosecutor’s office of East-Flanders, belgium: Johan Sabbe.