Viv Van Dingenen Sunday is finally back on tv

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With a Viv Of that Stuff is going to sort it all out, ” says the actress at All. Three years ago, it was the painful verdict that they had to fight against ovarian and endometrial cancer. Viv has been very optimistic, but it is dangerous to use the words, “the cure is in the mouth. In the summer of 2018 went on the show ‘lost’, for the filming of ‘Phil ‘ Frisco’, and a VTM-series, which has not yet been sent out. ‘GR5’, the new psychological roadthriller series, which is now on Sunday, will be premiered at the One that was shown from may to October, 2019. In spite of the fact that, Viv Van Dingenen already had a great career with high profile roles in the oh.a. ‘Spitsbroers’, ‘”Katarakt”‘, ‘Witse’, ‘Home’, ‘Deadline 14/10′, and ’25/5’ and the ‘Chaussée d’amour’, there are currently no images for her on the schedule. “I think it’s fun to vary them may be to me, for all the questions!” replied the actress, the magazine is not too bad.

The GR5 is a 2,000-kilometer-long walk from the North sea to Nice on the Mediterranean coast. A group of friends who are going to be in the range of, along the trail to find the missing daughter of Viv’s character, Karen Mahieu. Director: Jan Matthys, according to Viv Van Dingenen managed to have a wonderful team to put together. A lot of unfamiliar faces getting a chance in the ‘GR5’.