Staf Coppens and take the kids to bite into Promises For future

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How to respond to a 5 – and 6-year-olds, when they’re on the ceiling, be able to walk on it? Or, if they have the time to be able to stop it? And if the parents to control the behavior of their son or daughter will have to predict? The viewer will discover it, along with the Staff, Av-in for the new season, Which Promises To, from now, on Wednesday, march 18, at 20.35 on the VTM.

In the first season, it looks Promising For Later on, it was familiemoment an average of 648.061 viewers, accounting for a market share of 36.3% (VVA 18-54). In the new season the Staff was still more than in the previous year, with the well-known Flemish people, which will help him to see the children’s hands.

“Both of my kids are very happy that it looks Promising For Later on. Then the plague I went to the other children, smiling Staff, Av. “I’m really looking forward to having them again in the crazy and, for them, unthinkable situation to place it. The lack of credibility in their eyes is worth its weight in gold.”

It’s a new season, is no longer at the residence of the Staff, but he also takes the kids to his work with the VTM. That’s where they meet-for example, “the big boss”, which sounds a lot like… – Sam Gooris. In other episodes, it will get Staff to help, Andy Peelman, Sam De Bruyn, Guga Baúl, Loïc Van Impe and his brother, Mathias Coppens.