Skyblasters provide hope in anxious days

2885bb087270cfeec0ea44e78bd8c7e5 - Skyblasters provide hope in anxious days

(The) Skyblasters are in the corona-several countries are now already fed up with it and have been very happy with their brand new single, there it is.Now, on Friday the 20th of march, the day before the start of the spring season, it’s a song that a lot of people with a heart under the belt, you can put ‘Just Another day’.

Skyblasters have been in existence since 1984, and recorded their first new songs in Gent-TOP-studio”, with Peter Gillis. Lead singer, Edward Buadee and ragga-dub-toaster, Prince Far Out, from the very beginning, with the voices that have contributed to the unique sound of the Skyblasters.

They have toured for many years, very heavily at home and abroad, and shared the stage with top names in The Wailers, Black Uhuru, the Working Week, and is Glorified, but in 1993, they pushed the pause button in it. In 2005, it was followed by a short reünietour, and the compilation album ‘Now And Then’, with the most well-known songs.
In February 2013 died of a drummer, and a founding member of the Patrick White, best known as the title bar of The Misters, on BROADWAY and in television. The ‘unplugged’ mini-concert, a year after his death, was the occasion for a new beginning. In 2017, they released an acoustic live album.