Jo Vally to lose 15,000 euros

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The coronacrisis hold the whole world in an iron grip. Also, is everyone affected by severe measures, which, unfortunately, hoogstnoodzakelijk to the spread of the corona virus from entering the system. The music industry is being hit hard by all the cancellations. Jo Vally unveil it in All of that, and now we have 15,000 loss. “And that is certainly going to go up if the measure is to be extended, and that there are still more concerts to be cancelled,” said Jo Vally-in the magazine. “Well, some I’ll have a chance to catch up, but in private performances, birthday parties, for example, is not,” said the belgian singer.

Jo Vally is in the world. He has an insurance against loss of income if he is sick, but you can rely on this insurance policy in this case?