In the race for the Robinsonfinale is flat.

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In Wraakeiland was finally in remission. Nell’s balance was the best, and made sure to put them back in the group and was able to connect to it. It’s not exactly happy to see her, and the people who have taken her to a house vote. However, it is not, and Natassia, who just prior to the amalgamation of the worst of it should be mine.

Anyone following the merger, enjoyed a lavish meal. Ruth, to be allowed to Winnaarseiland, where they have more luxury, you will be able to enjoy the different Dining. The others, it may be time for a new island and begin to build up.

What are the pacts will be formed in the newly established camp?

Now, the groups are merged, the surviving team is quite large. Everyone needs to once again have a little bit of probing as to what role he or she is going to take place in the new camp. There are many new bands? Finally, there are now even people who previously never worked together before.

The first immuniteitsproef in view, there is also a new island council pop-up. The question of the need for the loyalty, and now, when the main language is or is not. Everyone else, meanwhile, has actually back-six votes. Ruth is safe, but if, after the immuniteitsproef?

Expedition Robinson – what 20u35 FOUR