Piet Huysentruyt said sorry at Sophie Dumont

49e92e16376f48c4d0ad5b8e5062872e - Piet Huysentruyt said sorry at Sophie Dumont

How many times in the past, reports on the feud between Piet Huysentruyt, and She has bars and restaurants needs. Common. Also this week, five years after his disparaging link are Lot restaurants and bars, and Piet Huysentruyt, together, in the magazine Day to All of you. And what do you find? They may be one and the same door. So, you will sit and She and peter are in the same tv show, and that all of us have been to foreign news, thanks.

Piet Huysentruyt is taking, it is rarely a straight-talking, which he did, also, when the VTM to him, the screen is pulled out, and Miss Dumont, ” his ” time on the screen, had to take over. It was a bitter pill for the chief, and he was not at each and every opportunity he has had to Miss bars and restaurants in the ground in which to drill. More than four years ago, in comparison to Piet Huysentruyt She has bars and restaurants with a member of the football club staff members. In a statement it would be a long chase.