Hands close brillenwinkel in the City

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Almost a year ago, opened De Munck and her brillenwinkel on the Meir in Antwerp, belgium. Originally launched as a pop-up, but the case is still open. I’m Sorry, it was open, because the Hands, the shop will now be closed. The reason for this is simple: the corona virus. Frames set-up, oogmetingen to our customers, it is all the more dangerous as well. Eline De Munck is a measure, not only to herself but also to her staff to protect them. Normally it would De Munck and her Odette Lunettes in Antwerp, belgium, Monday through Friday, and be open to love, but on Monday decided that they will no longer be able to open it.

Eline De Munck was in the news Monday, the self confessed on her social media accounts. On Instagram, she did have the important message that the store is closing due to the corona virus. “The health of our employees and our customers is number one priority,” says Elina. “We hope the situation as soon as possible to stabilize it and want everyone to cheer them up” said to meet her yet.