Figure for The News, thanks to the coronacrisis

9fd4d0e8f13386fd0600591bf82aeaa1 - Figure for The News, thanks to the coronacrisis

We are each and every day, with a couple of million in front of the screen. The most popular tv programs currently have is really the current status. Corona is controlled in our day to day life, that much is clear. Now that we are no longer at the pub, a trip to the cinema, sports club, or fitness, is excluded, need to be, we have to do something else. Sunday night and looked up 1.573.775 people to go to The ‘News’ on One, and a new all-time record. Never watched it so many Flemings to the news broadcast on the public broadcasting system.

And the VTM? However, they had to be content with 776.814 eyes. VTM NEWS is left out in the cold by the coronacrisis, but the increase is less apparent than in the news broadcasts of the public broadcaster. Even on The Seventh Day, called Sunday morning 592.672 eyes.