The lawyer is concerned, “You don’t know where it all ends’

ecd46dafcab9c7f74c7c67f7bfdf6c86 - The lawyer is concerned, "You don't know where it all ends'

The lawyer is concerned, “You don’t know where it all ends’

16-march-2020 07:59 am
16-03-20 07:59 am
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Updated: 41 minutes ago


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Dick Advocaat is quite concerned about the effect of the corona virus. The coach of the Team frustrated that the Premier league season, provisionally, still, even though he believes that it is the right one for you.

“It was a very strange experience. Even though I’ve never experienced it before, as I had been for a while, however, in football,” says the 72-year-old Lawyer, on Monday at The newspaper.

“It gives you an uneasy feeling, because you don’t know where all this will end. It’s not a given period of time, and no one has any experience with it. As a result, we have three weeks with nothing to do, you did, and then about three weeks to get back into your rhythm. Is at a minimum. Then, you run into all sorts of other issues.”