The latest installment of the world-Record at home

a3af4af509f743dd7d3dfd09371d7cbf - The latest installment of the world-Record at home

In Rio de Janeiro in 2016. The South African sprinter Wayde van Niekerk will shoot out of the ground at 43 seconds is a long time not to look back. He runs the quickest lap ever seen on an athletics track.

Cédric Van Branteghem Maarten explains why the 400-meters is the most out of all of the available throughout of. Maarten is trying, without success, to the length of the world record holder and measures, together with the juniorenwereldkampioen Jonathan, Sacoor, the difference between the longest and the shortest distance around the track. At the start of the test from the professor Wim Derave, is undergoing Maarten, and thank you also for the pain of lactic acid accumulation in the muscles during the rst and the last 400 metres of his life.

With the help of a former Belgian record holder Cédric Van Branteghem, coaches, Jacques Borlee, Patrick Himschoot, professor Wim Derave (Ghent university), the 400m runners, Hanne Claes, Camille Laus, and Jonathan Sacoor.

Record, tonight at 21.20, on the Canvas.