The curtain falls on the first duo in the Kitchen of My Restaurant’

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The die is cast: the end of the fifth episode of My Kitchen in My Restaurant, ” on Tuesday, march 17, falls to the canvas and is irrevocable for the first team. For that decision, but the latter duo from the first batch of candidates are all in a battle to advance to the Battles. (Food) Lovers, Luca (38), and In (31), from Ghent, receive, Sergio and Marcelo Ballardin, in their huiskamerrestaurant ‘Rounds’, in which flowers are the central focus. Stijn works for a flower company, and the two men’s love of great food and beer. Will do Stu, and In the Country, and Charlotte, and they have their place in the Battles to secure? Which pair will leave the first of the game of basketball.

As of Thursday, the 19th of march the first group of candidates will take place for the second phase of the five hobbykokduo’s. They will be competing in the next few episodes of My Kitchen and stage for a spot in one of the Battles.

Lorenzo’s Rounds (up to 30), and Ayse Korkmaz (30) from Moerbeke-Waas: ‘Turkish Key
The show is on Thursday the 19th of march, cut by the couple, Lorenzo and Ayse. They have known each other for about 10 years, and for the last 7 years, they are a couple, and they have plans this year to get married. Ayse is the human resources manager, originally from Antwerp, and is the daughter of a Turkish father and a Flemish mother. She is open-minded, educated, and is proud of her roots. Lorenzo is originally from Ghent, and is working in the maritime industry. He is particularly interested in the Italian, French and Thai, but, under the influence of Ayse, immersed as he is in the Turkish cuisine. Their ambition is to own his own business, to start with. This program is for the couple to be the perfect test to see if they are ready for an adventure. The two persons engaged to be married, want to be the better of Turkish cuisine to the guests, as well as in Flanders. Welcome to the Bar Nazar’.

Into Parent (27), and Charlotte Ameele (29), from Oostende
Into it works as an audiologist and a speech and language therapist at a rehabilitation center in Ostend, belgium. In addition, she has a blog, Cook a lot, and she was recently in the book ‘the Easy ‘ Fit and Food’, which she is working with a personal trainer and nutrition coach Darryl Schaubroeck wrote.
Charlotte Ameele, born of the sea, was born and raised in Ostend, and is currently studying ‘digital pattern’ at the royal academy in Kortrijk, belgium. She has her own kinderkledinglijn House of Ninoh, ” but that it is currently at a lower priority.
Charlot was thinking of Charlotte as a partner, because they are very important for us to find them an adventure with a person that enters into an the same idea when it comes to nutrition, and the passion in the same way, share it. The friends would like to prove that a healthy diet also culinary delights that can be. This program comes at the right time in their lives, and both of them are ready to take their passion to a higher level.