Eric Goens make reportagemagazine #Corona2020

bef7246a47be5828b5eee2279ae510c1 - Eric Goens make reportagemagazine #Corona2020

The FOUR from last Tuesday #Corona2020 for a new daily event that takes place immediately after Huizenjagers to 20u20, it will be sent out. The new actuamagazine, which is due to The Nieuwshuis – in the company of Eric Goens (eg. Level 4, The public prosecutor’s office, in The Home, Emphasis,…), as would the Flemings, at this Coronacrisis, a cheer them up.

The effect of the corona virus affect each and every citizen in flanders. However, there has been a lot of solidarity. With the #Corona2020 focuses on the warm side of this crisis, and brings to it is just that the stories of hope and connectivity. The #Corona2020 likes of Eric Goens in touch with the Coronapols, with a smile and a tear, but with a focus on a grin on his face.

#Corona2020 – as of Tuesday, each and every day in order to 20u20 FOUR