Also, Joe acts: Sven Ornelis no Anke-in the studio

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For three long hours in the studio, you are going to Anke Buckinx and Sven Ornelis in the next few weeks will not do it. Even with Joe they will go to now that the corona is in the full advance is in. “What a strange weekend. And on top of this, we are now also very strange for weeks. The weeks in which we will all really have to be on the test will be made. Because what we face is truly unknown, and it will not be pretty. We will be together all of the rules, the authorities are very strict to follow, and still try to stay positive”, wrote Sven Ornelis Sunday night on Instagram.

During the weekend we were there consultations were carried out on the radioplannen for the new work week. He was, however, still an important bite the bullet. “As broadcasters, it is our duty to inform you, and your support, you will also see the light at the horizon, and the music in these dark times. We’re going to do it!!! Our ochtendshow will be available as from tomorrow, be a little bit different. Working from home is, for many of you, is not an option. However, the principle is very simple, if you can, then do it! And Anke is going to do the same thing. Not a “for show”. But as it is, the smarter it is. It is a simple one: if one of the two contaminated or affected by a corona user, then it may be that we just don’t work anymore. And we want to ensure that we are both looking forward to more of course. We want to be there for you. Each and every morning. Healthy”, ” hope Sven Ornelis.