Javier Guzman will soon be on tour in Flanders

520322a22a557b84e30e00ade89b3a78 - Javier Guzman will soon be on tour in Flanders

After the Go-Bie-Jer’ is the Dutch comedian Javier, with Guzmán. This is the second in a trilogy that will be concluded with ‘Francisco’. In his new show, ‘Guzmán’, he looks back at his erratic life, and his stormy career, and he says things that you have not realised it. Things that might be identified things that, at the least noteworthy, are the things that are truly remarkable are. Are the releases? Who knows. It have been precisely those things that you normally might not even have to be funny, but it’s over now. That has already been decided.

Guzmans shows are full of fun and useful pointers to the issues in his personal life, and he’s not afraid to have a social engagement to go to his shows. Sometimes it is very confronting, but make no mistake about it: he will take you anyway, it is very hard to laugh it off. With the absurd and the borders of his story, remarkable insights, and his strict tempo.

Starting in april, will be on tour in the region. The full track list is available on the