Freek Braeckman at de turn the Beat VTM

59863b7bb9966ae2b5162e1c6e4bcc3f - Freek Braeckman at de turn the Beat VTM

On Monday, march 16th will be the last game played between a team of VTM, and Flanders all and end-all BEAT on the VTM. A heavy responsibility rests, therefore, on the shoulders of the VTM NEWS anchor Freek Braeckman and his 43-year-old challenger Sam is out of Service. They have to take it in to the last game played for the compilatieaflevering compete against each other on the back is a dernies as well on the track.

The match between Sam and Frank, is one of the sporting fighting cocks. Sam is an ex-champion, tumbling, Cleaning, was, in a past life, a frequent national champion fencing and even won a wereldbekertoernooi. The two will compete against each other to go dernyrijden a part of the sport of cycling, where a rider with a higher speed is reached by the shortest possible to ride a motorcycle. At speeds of 65 km/h are no exception to the rule. “Not easy and not without risk,” was the Frank at the kick-off to delivery. “I hope I get no injuries. Or, at the very most, a little bit, maybe.”