Recording a new album, Frimout, by corona postponed

1cc50e03b2fbeb179195ae074ffc7cc5 - Recording a new album, Frimout, by corona postponed

We are about to see and hear This Wilson of the VIAS, with the frequency of the clock used in the media to talk about the victims on the road. The group of Frimout was the spokesman of the VIAS, and preaches not only about security, he was also in the group.
“‘A common sense’, it sounds simple, but it is not always the case. I’ve just been in the studio for a new album, move. With such a heavy heart, I had a really hard looking forward to it, but for my sanity (and that of our producer and the rest of the band) said: “do not let it go on, you increase the chances that SOMEONE ELSE will be infected’. That’s what all the people in the health care sector to us over the past 3 weeks, really clear and simple, trying to explain to you. As with all of our behavior is not to customize, then at a certain moment in time, so a lot of vulnerable people, the sick, and that they are in the hospitals are not able to understand it.If it only has a capacity for 1,500 patients, may, no. 1501, not caring for them”, wrote This on Saturday on the Facebook. A decision as to where we can only have respect for them.