He Being disappointed at the VRT

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Was Being made, if the commissioner Witse recently, the promotion of “criminal fine” men’s clothing from a clothing store at Ten o’clock, but it was censured by the belgian. The shop had to get the video offline, but it had a lot more publicity due to the big deal about it than they could ever have imagined. Thanks Ladies, it is, however, disappointed with the VRT, and proposes its use of language, not at All.
“All that TELEVISION, top, does, or says, the one that interests me, actually, not fucked up anymore,” says an irritated, Thanks Ladies. The 73-year-old actor, who spent many years in the skin-crawl of Witse, and every Sunday almost 2 million viewers for a single led to the opinion that the VRT is, however, a larger problem.
“The company as a whole is in shambles, you would think that they are oh, this time, bigger problems. But it’s not, it’s very important to have a dementia, the actor from 73 to harass,” in the sound of the bitsig to Was Being at All.