Bjorn Soenens hoard toilet paper

c31c2cb07eddcc0410260bbbce71f612 - Bjorn Soenens hoard toilet paper

Not just in the us, the cash cow of the people in the grocery stores in the United States, subscribe to people so that they are certainly not without being able to eat, drink, or the toilet paper will fall. One moment it is there, according to Bjorn Soenens we do not yet have, though it be in the theatre on Broadway for at least one month to close. Bars and restaurants to escape, still in the process of closing, but according to the reporter, previously only a matter of time. In the program, Kim Debrie Saturday morning show on Radio 2, told Soenens, that he was in last week for a long time to sit in the store. “I went in yesterday for a round of ice cream to pick up at the store. She stood up to get the yogurt to the cashier to shove it and that it is likely 50 to 60 feet. Here, too, there is a kind of panic and hoarding, the people are great. The shops are open, there is no shortage of food,” says Bjorn Soenens.