Weghorst was dueling people with Wolfsburg ‘real’

c59ce50ee03ff30217eb79554231e258 - Weghorst was dueling people with Wolfsburg 'real'

Weghorst was dueling people with Wolfsburg ‘real’

13-march-2020 21:50
13-03-20 21:50
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Wout Weghorst wouldn’t even be a game people want to play it. The Dutch striker was played on Thursday, with VfL Wolfsburg in a Europa League match with Shakhtar Donetsk without any spectators, owing to the outbreak of the corona virus.

“It was really, really terrible”, it looks Weghorst Friday on FOX Sports back in the match. “If you have to play soccer, football, and I’d prefer not to. It was a very strange, and it was, for me, for the first time. A very strange sensation, but it was of no avail.”

Weghorst made it out to the weakling in Germany through just before half-time a penalty kick is a high over-shoot. Because of this loss, the Germans, the heenwedstrijd in the eighth-finals with 1-2.