Watch: The world of Corona

a29aa2d36a5af18a86134a084b331d5d - Watch: The world of Corona

Our country is slowly coming to a stop. How long it will take, we don’t know. But it is a much bigger question is: what is the impact of the corona virus in the long term, it will be. Soon, a vaccine, and we will once again be able to travel and do business just as before? The coronacrisis in the world, and our lives are forever changed? Jan Leyers are looking for answers to these questions, together with the virologist is in order, Johan Neyts, economist, Geert Noels, and are geostrateeg by Jonathan Holslag.

Johan Neyts (Leuven), is an internationally-renowned virologist is in order. No less a person than Bill Gates has provided him with the funds as soon as possible, tens of thousands of medicinal substances, and to search for a remedy for the corona virus. But the Point of looking any further. The feline corona virus may be a keeper, and it will be the last of the virus is that, in times of global warming and storm of the world. The current crisis has shown that we are not ready for it.

Economist Geert Noels, and the economic consequences as well. There will be a number of bankruptcies, followed, for sure, and the Noels have some suggestions to make the lot of those that have to deal with it. But Noels goes: “well, I think we are going to be in the future in a different way. Corona will be one of those turning points were. And the biggest winner is the environment. What a Greta Thunberg for more than a year of trying, fixt corona in a couple of weeks.”