Sunday in the Blind-Married

eaf835180597bc83866939c67f6e7809 - Sunday in the Blind-Married

More than 1 million viewers (1.046.143; live +3) as did in the last episode of the Blind, Married and away from some of the exotic destinations for the honeymoon: Kenya, Bali, Thailand, and Mexico. In the meantime, the couples for a few days on a honeymoon. With and she and Lothar walks to the problems. After a busy night, they try to make their minds for them to refuse to a Thai cooking class, all the way Lothars cup of tea, because he is a hobby cook. And then here in the jungle in Phuket on a mission of seksuologe She Vanwezemael: they are going to swing. With one another, and from tree to tree to get the rush of adrenaline and other hormones, and their work is to be done.

Even Now, she still has to sit in a stalemate. After having a candid conversation about their difference in speed between them, they have decided to make it a bit easier to do. They are going to a well-known surf spot in Bali, just up the alley of the adventure Now.

Well, Nick, and the Race mixing in Mexico with the locals. They had a private salsa dance. A race seems a very odd obsession to have.

And Winnie the pooh, and the Best is, there is no problem, on the contrary, there is a good dose of romance. They are going to go boating, snorkeling, and even scuba diving, an interest of Winnie the pooh.

Blind-Married, on Sunday at 19.55 on tv.