Start-of actress Kim Van Oncen take the necessary precautions

910960f5fb4969ccb3ab2f6090f82557 - Start-of actress Kim Van Oncen take the necessary precautions

You can see Kim Van Oncen, in the Thirty-shine, but the show is also behind the counter of her own, and Delhaize.
At present, it is all hands to the deck of the ship. “We have to, at the moment there is sufficient stock,” said the actress in Friday morning to Start the Day on Radio 2 In Antwerp, belgium. “The provision is, perhaps, a little bit slower. We hope that all of our employees to get up and running, we can try them as well as to protect them against the virus. But without power attack, that’s for sure, not going to happen.”

However, Kim is worried about her staff, but also taken steps to ensure as far as possible, risks are to be avoided. “We have already taken action, as if the cashiers, only with gloved hands, and had themselves an adequate distance to be kept. Our priority now is to the people for food, as that is very important. In the other case, and the panic complete. We rely on the concept of the customer is that there is something more to chaos than it is on any other day. We have the pumps and go in to work overtime, and do them all very, very, very hard and try our best to get to everyone as quickly and accurately as possible.”