The tension in the Expedition Robinson

8bfce3456faeb20238858eb28cb6ad7a - The tension in the Expedition Robinson

It is a strong Camp in the North has won again, and the eliminatieproef. Against many odds, it was sent to the Camp South, not to Natassia, but Nell into the house. It Is nationality, then it is still very important, whether it was Nell, a strong candidate to be involved in the merger?

Who is the avenger of the Wraakeiland?

In Wraakeiland joined by Nell and Fresh, and Eve. She’s already been nine days on an island, and decided to give it a last dinner with Eve to share in it. Would prefer to have a praatpartner again in a few days, the Belgian blogger. But what will happen now that there are three people on the island? One of them wants to be the most in return? She has been for the longest time, and everyone goes home. But Nell has no chance of success, because it is only now, when it comes? Meanwhile, the other Robinson still can’t Wraakeiland.

Even though the weather on the islands is not the best, there’s a good atmosphere. There is, also, exciting news is in the air. In a brief letter, to do both sides happy. How long will the kampbanden is important, and when to take it an individual game? Here, everyone has been waiting for.
Carl and Ruth’s conclusion is already in a pact to just before the merger

Expedition Robinson – welcome to 20u35 FOUR