THE for major organisational challenge’ after a delay of competitions

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THE for major organisational challenge’ after a delay of competitions

March 12, 2020 at 17:11
12-03-20 at 17:11
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The BOARD is going in the next few days to see if the cancelled speelrondes in the Premier league, and the Cuisine Champion of a Division will be made up. The government continued on Thursday, because of the corona virus, a spanner in the works for all sports events in the Netherlands, up to and including the 31st of march, of which more than a hundred people in here.

“We have to be in increasing demand from the government their policies are being followed and that it is at this time is no different. This action will bring to the world of football, however, also have great organisational, sports, and financial challenges,” says the director of football, Eric Gudde, the Dutch fa (KNVB).

“In the future, it will be in the football sector have to rely on the support of the government and other authorities and agencies to make the organizational issues, and societal impacts as well as economic challenges for the sector as a whole can be avoided. We are going to, in due time, to be here with all of the parties wish to have the conversation about it.”