Sven Ornelis: “Health always comes first’

Sven Ornelis: "Health always comes first'

Also, Sven Ornelis, escapes, not to accept cancellations as a result of the corona virus. This coming Saturday, it would be in the Brielpoort to Deinze, and the event is Totally 90’s to continue and to be a 90’s event, in which Sven Ornelis would turn out. That event, which you can already guess – will, and that I need to Vengaboys, Bart Kaëll, Pat Krimson, 2 Fabiola, and many of the others are like new. “Suddenly, a night off on Saturday. Procrastination is not the right setting. Health will always be in the first place,” he writes, Sven Ornelis, on Instagram.