Jo Vally to cancel the try-out tour

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Also, Jo Vally, take action now, the corona of our lives is paramount. Normally, being a singer tonight for a try-out on his first tour, but the party does not take place. “With great regret, I have recently decided, after consultation with my colleagues in order to proceed with the cancellation of my try-out on Thursday, the 12th of march on the new project, “My life,” writes Jo Vally is on Facebook. This decision didn’t happen just like that, Jo, Vally, has all the pro’s and con’s weighed up, but the health is going to. “The risk of infection from the corona virus, it is too big and you want to be my civic responsibility, not to be missed . In spite of many rehearsals, the efforts of the musicians to the technical crew on sound and lights, and all the other people that have to be done in order to ensure the success of this project, we have now, so everything freeze ! Hopefully it will not be long, and may soon have a new data has been found for this event, Jo Vally.