Frank Molnar to share the good news

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Frank Molnar likes to be in the United States of america, which is well known. For some time now, works and lives of Frank, along with his friend, Marissa, in Las Vegas. Since the start of this week, it’s all still a bit more official now. “I have an official U.S. ID, in the pocket,” laughs Frank Molnar.

However, Frank is still a Belgian citizen, which he confirmed in an interview with the Showbiz Website. “I’m not an American, no it doesn’t. For that I need to have some time to wait for a citizen to be able to go. My partner Marissa and I have just been supertrots this Navada-ians are,” laughs Frank.

What are the benefits of an American identity is? However, Las Vegas is now, officially, my home town. Furthermore, we can be anywhere “local” discounts. Free parking, discount at hotels, and so on. But we have to live in less than 15 minutes away from the Las Vegas strip and so is not really a hotel”, says Frank.