Katy Perry says ‘it is ready’ for motherhood

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Katy Perry says ‘it is ready’ for motherhood

11 march, 2020 19:02
11-03-20 19:02
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Katy Perry, who a week ago announced her very first child’s to be expected, says that it is completely ready for being a mother. The 35-year-old singer says in the interview with The Project to which they have long had the wish for the mother-to-be.

“I was a little girl that all the baby clothes in the house before, I had been thinking about whether or not I wanted to be a mother, and before there was even an Orlando Bloom in my life,” says Perry.

“So I’ve made a lot of sense in it. A couple of years ago, I was really not ready for it. However, I have done everything to prepare myself for it and now I’m really ready for it.”