Dear Viewers, blows out 75 candles

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Dear Viewers, celebrates Wednesday night party at the VTM! The program is now on its 75th episode, so there’s an extra special delivery at. Since 2014, the program is for 8 seasons is a long time in a fixed avondafspraak of the Flemish people. Well, for 247.500 seconds of tv, with innumerable jokes, woordmoppen, soft laughter, and tears of joy. She is celebrating Wednesday, not only that, She is Vanwezemael, Sieg De Doncker, Jens Dendoncker, and Gunter Lamoot blowing 75 candles to go out.

10 fun facts about for 8 seasons, from the Best to the Viewers:
1. So far, there have been 8 seasons of made, which accounts for almost 70 hours of television. Or 4125 of minutes. Or, 247500 seconds.
2. At Best, the Viewers were more than 120 members of the panel: actors, presenters, not nearly, comedians, singers, writers, radio dj’s, But also more than 150, an unknown special guests in the studio who played an important role during the game.
3. She has years of work in about 20 different styles and over 230 in the variety of outfits worn.
4. In all of the seasons, there were a total of 4 captains: Ruth Beeckmans, Experts, Dendocker, Sven De Ridder, and the New Levels. The latter two were in the 45 episodes.
5. All of the episodes together and do about 1100 pages of presentatieteksten for it There.
6. The decor, and the Best Viewers was the 5 time in a different look. In addition to the 43 areas have a dozen or so design-sanseveria’s for a long period of time in a central place. And in those patterns there are more than 3750 films will be shown, approximately 50 clips per episode.
7. There were a total of 75 awards were given out. End of a paper clip in the hartjesvorm a nebulizer, with the pumapis and of the insulating casing, to the simple pot core.
8. There are more than 20 different types of rounds to be played. “What’s The News?” or “what are They Looking At?’, and ‘(M/f)/X Of The Week” to ” if any one Of The Three?’.
9. She and her members have made more than 50 jumps back in time. In each game, “Where’s The Time?” and ” You Relive It, Here they went into the high res VTM’s history.
More than 100 well-known Flemish people, with their families, in the loss of some customers, Where are They Looking At?’ looks at several different television programmes