Willow Smith has a period close for project

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Willow Smith has a period close for project

March 10, 2020 21:41
10-03-20 at 21:41
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Willow Smith, the daughter of Will Smith, is Wednesday, a day locked up in a box at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, california. They do this in order to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Smith has the project locked up, with Tyler Cole. They are going to be in the 24 hrs of the various stages of a panic attack, including anti-anxiety, anger, grief, emotions, excitement, and acceptance.

Smith, intends to pay attention to anxiety, since they are there, a lot of women. “I think everybody is in fear because we do not know what will happen in the future is going to be done. Don’t know whether you are on the right path to choose, not knowing if you’re making the right decisions,” she said to the Los Angeles Times.