“The Toreador’ is the opening track from our northern neighbours

"The Toreador' is the opening track from our northern neighbours

In 1972, the left is Jacques Herb for the first time, los, and 48 years later, scores of ‘The Toreador’ by singer Wilbert Pigmans, and the dj collective”, is Inflated, there is a big hit with me, because in the past the Dutch carnival and it was the most played piece of music. “Everybody sings to him. The club and the youth club in the old people’s home is insane, done, danced, and sang this song. Last week, we scored on a 4-day to 1 million streams. At any given time, there are more than 120,000 persons at the same time, the number of the stream. How crazy do you want to do!”, says the singer, Wilbert Pigmans, which is driven by the success of “The Toreador,” in one fell swoop, a well-known Dutchman, was used. As a professional bull rider, excerpts shines as he is in the video in a red, Spanish-Mexican eyes. Opblaasballen, alligators and flamingos are the favorite features of the dj-collective is Destroyed, which is behind the hit. “With this record, we are a 1.5 years ago I have been to. At one point, we were about to turn when a local football club, and they came up with the original song was a request. In one way or another, it was their club song, and then we thought: let’s make a new version of it”, says the duo. At the age of nine, taking, Sonic Solutions, studio, Michael, and George, took over the singer Wilbert is a new version. The end result is a oorwurm in the Netherlands and was a number 1 hit record, but who have also crossed the line, and solid success in the region. “The Toreador’ is to be found almost every day in the upper reaches of the Spotify Viral Top-50. The good thing is that the song, the festive character, combined with a large radiovriendelijkheid, because this song can also be played on the radio.