Guy Swinnen kick season off with a club tour

65e8cee61306c641b5316e420e09a1be - Guy Swinnen kick season off with a club tour

This year it celebrates a Guy Southeast of his 60th birthday. An exuberant festival, with concerts, dance clubs (Seasons Tour), and in the theatres, and the CC’s (Essential Tour) as well as a large number of festivals.
In his ‘Origins Tour’ will and Guy Swinnen as of this weekend, is already back to its roots: all of the clubs and youth clubs, where it all began. This spring, he moves on to the various youth groups and clubs, accompanied by a guitarist, He Verthongen.

During the summer, of course, there’s room for the summer. This Guy and his band this summer at more than 20 festivals, including the Weerde Bierfeesten, Moen Festival, Fundays Aarschot and the Labadoux Festival.

In the fall the festivals take place for a new hatch is in its tenth year, for then he moves on with his band towards the theatre, with his ‘the Essential Tour’. Along with the Guy Swinnen Band (Guy by the name of David Piedfort, Bart Buls, and Marcus Weymaere), he goes on tour. Therein, he draws not only from her own material, but to convert his unique way of their own heroes, and he shows us the songs that him and the player made that he is today.

All of the shows, Guy Swinnen, in this year of celebration have been clearly reflected in their own brand-new web site .