Corona: who’s buying, there are still tickets?

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The government is of the opinion delivered to the indoor events with more than 1,000 people to cancel their reservations. This imposes on the government the responsibility of local authorities, and that it is actually impossible to understand. It Is so hard to be in a very small country, and the same decision has to be taken to one or the other it is clear to everyone?

In Brussels, going to indoor events with more than 1000 people, starting from the 11th of march, and up to and including the 31st of march this year. In this, the Brussels-capital Region and the advice of the government. Of course, dive now there are a lot of questions. The capacity of the room is reduced and the events on which way to proceed? Will events be cancelled or postpone? And what’s up with the refund of tickets in case of cancellation? Questions were in abundance, that much is clear.

The corona virus has been the biggest success for the entertainment business. A lot of people in the industry were in the last days of cancellations and there will be no better. If there is definitely not continue, then there will be, of course, financial implications to the organization, but also for suppliers, staff and artists.