Campus-Cup-winner, can be seen in the Documents of the People’s

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In the seventh episode of the ” Pieces of the People – let the applicant for Marc, nothing is left to chance: in order to be Panamarenko-work of art, as well as the sales mode, with the aid of quizmakker and a lawyer, Michael. He was already to be seen in The Campus Cup, which he and his team took the lead. The experts will know straight away that it was not an easy negotiation, it is …

Panamarenko was an inventor, an engineer, an artist, and a dreamer with a passion for everything that could or would be able to fly. He is considered to be one of the most important Belgian artists of the 20th century. He passed away after the recording of the program.

Miguel is bracing itself for the experts, a chaise longue by the designer Hans Härtel. “What’s unique is that there are only a handful of them on the market. It is also one of the few post-war designs, and that really makes it a very rare piece,” says Miguel.